Thursday, 13 October 2011

Casa Rio Gold - Located in a 21st century city: Palava

The advantage of living at Casa Rio doesn’t stop at its gates. The Development is located in a marvel of 21st century India: Palava. A city that is taking shape today, for the citizens of tomorrow.

Strategically located at the junction of Navi Mumbai and Dombivali, Palava is envisioned to become the largest ever private, completely planned development in urban India, and one of the top 50 places to live in the world by 2020. By then, Palava will extend over a vast 5,000 acres, ranking as Maharashtra’s first mega-city. An area of 2,200 acres is already earmarked for development in the first phase, to be completed over the next 8 years. In time, Palava will be home to over 1 lac residents.

Palava: more beautiful, more comfortable, more efficiently run than any place else.

A dream location

Palava is situated just off the 6-lane Kalyan-Shil Road, minutes from rapidly expanding business hubs and the proposed airport.

15 minutes from Navi Mumbai and DAKC

25 minutes from Thane

8 km from Dombivali

20 minutes from the proposed international airport

Short walk from Nilje railway station on the Diva-Panvel line

More than 1 lakh IT and related jobs within 30 minute driving distance

Located along river banks

Proposed Monorail service, with station located within Palava

Future City

Everything has been thought of and planned with the future in mind: extra wide roads, abundant water and power supply, high-quality security and civic administration, luxurious homes for all. The city will have an awe-inspiring social, educational and commercial infrastructure that covers every need.

24 x 7 power supply

ICSE School Hospital.

9-hole golf course.

Mall & Multiplex.

Cricket ground & training academy

Key Civic Amenities like Fire Station and Post office.

Wide roads and footpaths.

Internal bus transport system.

A vibrant central business district

Palava will attract a multitude of businesses and industries to the city. An ultra-modern, highly efficient business district will be built to accommodate them.

Developed over 200 acres

2 lac+ professionals

Global IT and ITES companies, financial institutions and other corporations.

Environment-sensitive planning

The city’s planning includes a total commitment to preserving the natural bounty it is endowed with, and sensitivity in its use of natural resources.

50% of area preserved for green open spaces

Parks, woods, nature trails and riverside walks

Garbage recycling

Solar powered street lights

Rain water harvesting


Solid Waste composting and treatment

100% waste water and seewage treatment

Water-cooled air-conditioning for commercial buildings, with 100% recycled water

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